Massage Therapy



Perfect for those getting a massage for the first time or for those who prefer a lighter touch.

50 min Session $80

80 min Session $105

Response to Swedish Massage

“Ah, the Swedish massage! It’s a wonderful choice, especially if you’re new to massages or prefer a gentler touch. During a 50-minute session for $80 or an 80-minute session for $105, our skilled therapists use soothing strokes to help you relax and unwind. It’s a great way to ease into the world of massage therapy.”




Deep Tissue

One of our most popular massages. The deep tissue uses slower movements and deeper pressure to help release muscle tension and tightness.

50 min Session $90

80 min Session $120

Response to Deep Tissue Massage

“Our Deep Tissue massage is quite popular here! For 50 minutes at $90 or 80 minutes at $120, this massage focuses on relieving muscle tension and tightness. The therapist uses slower, deeper strokes to really work into those knots. It’s ideal if you’re feeling particularly stiff or sore.”











Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate indulgence for the full body massage using heated basalt stones melting away your stress and tension.

80 min session $135

Response to Hot Stone Massage

“Looking for total relaxation? Our Hot Stone Massage is a luxurious 80-minute session costing $135. It uses heated basalt stones to melt away stress and tension across your whole body. Many of our clients find it incredibly indulgent and soothing.”


Ashiatsu Massage

The Ashiatsu Massage uses barefoot techniques to apply a deeper and broader pressure with smooth gliding strokes along the body.

50 min $95

80 min $125

110 min $145

Response to Ashiatsu Massage

“Ashiatsu Massage is quite unique and deeply relaxing. Our therapists use their bare feet to deliver smooth, gliding strokes with deeper and broader pressure. You can choose a 50-minute session for $95, an 80-minute one for $125, or really indulge with a 110-minute session for $145. It’s an amazing experience for deep tissue relief.”




Pre Natal Massage

The prenatal massage is designed specifically for mothers-to-be, to help ease and soothe those achy muscles that are working overtime.

50 min Session $90

80 min Session $130

Response to Pre Natal Massage

“Our Pre Natal Massage is specially designed for expectant mothers. For 50 minutes at $90 or 80 minutes at $130, it helps soothe those aching muscles that are under extra strain. It’s a gentle, caring way to give some relief and relaxation during pregnancy.”








Foot Massage

Perfect for those who are on their feet all day. Concentrating on the feet and lower-calves providing great relief and comfort.

30 min Session $50

Response to Foot Massage

“If you’re on your feet all day, our Foot Massage is just what you need. In a 30-minute session for $50, we focus on your feet and lower calves, providing relief and comfort. It’s a great way to rejuvenate tired feet and feel refreshed.”




Massage Packages


(3) 50 min Session $215

(5) 50 min Session $350

Response to Swedish Massage Package

“For our Swedish massage enthusiasts, we offer packages that provide great value. You can get three 50-minute sessions for $215 or five for $350. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy regular massages at a more affordable price.”



Deep Tissue

(3) 50 min Session $246

(5) 50 min Session $405

Response to Deep Tissue Massage Package

“If you love our Deep Tissue massage, consider our package deals. You can choose either three 50-minute sessions for $246 or five for $405. These packages are a fantastic way to maintain regular therapy and keep those muscles relaxed over time.”

These responses are designed to be clear, informative, and easy for the receptionist to read and for the customer to understand. They convey the essential details while also being engaging and conversational.

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