Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment


This Eminence Hungarian Mud increases circulation and detoxifies the skin. The high mineral content and sulfur are a perfect defense against acne.  You will notice that your complexion is healthier and smoother than before.  It is highly stimulating so any tingling you may feel is normal which will turn in to a refreshed, smooth feeling.  

• Highly stimulates and regenerates the epidermis
• Improves oily, seborrheic and acne skin conditions
• Improves skin tone and vitality
• Helps to reduce sebum production and irritation
• Increases elasticity and improves the texture of the skin

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• Thermal Mud: contains high amounts of mineral trace elements and sulfur to improve acne conditions and nourish the skin
• Sage: tones skin, antiseptic agent
• Willow: soothes skin, regenerating agent
• Ivy: high in Vitamin C, antioxidant
• Cinnamon: antiseptic, stimulating agent
• Paprika: stimulating, revitalizing agent
• Biocomplex2™: super antioxidant booster that restores radiance, vitality and strength to the skin through a targeted blend of nutrients, ensuring visible, long-lasting results

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FOR USE ON: 1. Face: acne, oily and seborrheic skin types 2. Body: all skin types especially irritated, acne, lack of tone and fatigued complexions
DILUTION: Required


• Complexion is healthier and smoother
• Epidermis is more youthful and vibrant
• Skin surface is calmer and less irritated
• Sebum production is reduced


Warm the mud up to body temperature. Spread a thin layer on the surface of the skin with a brush, wrap the skin and keep it warm for 15–20 minutes. (For easier application, dilute the mud with water) Unwrap and rinse. Following with the Calm Skin Arnica Booster-Serum is recommended. Due to increased circulation, a tingling sensation may occur for up to 20 minutes and redness for up to 45 minutes after which the skin will feel refreshed, detoxified and soothed.

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