Massage Therapy


At Desiree’s Spa & Massage we specialize in massage therapy. We have an extraordinary team who’s number one goal is to help you relax and feel better.  We take pride in giving quality service in a calm and peaceful environment.

Classic Massage

The Swedish Massage uses a firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation and ease muscle tension. Perfect for those getting a massage for the first time or for those who prefer a more gentle pressure.

50 minute session | $80
80 minute session | $105
Hot Stone Experience | $20

Using slower movement and deeper pressure, the deep tissue massage can be very helpful in releasing muscle tightness and ease muscle pain for those in need. The deep tissue massage is highly recommended!

50 minute session | $90
80 minute session | $120

Specialty Massage

The ultimate indulgence for the full body massage which uses heated basalt stones to help penetrate deep into tight and stiff muscles, creating a deep soothing relaxation.

80 minute session | $135

The Ashiatsu Massage uses barefoot techniques to apply a deeper and broader pressure with smooth gliding strokes along the body. Ashiatsu helps increase the body’s circulation and stimulates the body’s self-healing capabilities. This is the most luxurious deep tissue massage you will experience!

50 minute session | $95
80 minute session | $125
110 minute session | $145

The prenatal massage is designed specifically for mothers to be, to help ease and soothe those muscles that are working overtime. Come to Desiree’s Spa & Massage and we would love to help you find the relief you truly deserve!

50 minute session | $90
80 minute session | $130

Ideal for those who are on their feet all day or perfect for ladies who wear high heels, concentrating on the feet and lower-calves, the foot massage is very relaxing and can provide great relief and comfort.

30 minute session | $50

Massage Packages

(3) 50 minute session | $215
(5) 50 minute session | $350

(3) 50 minute session | $246
(5) 50 minute session | $405

Body Treatments

Salt scrubs help to reduce the signs of aging, exfoliate the skin, increase circulation, and leave you with refreshed glowing skin. Please do not shave legs before receiving this treatment.
Detoxifying or Lavender | $80

Combines the Detoxifying properties of sea algae with the hydrating and exfoliating benefits of clay, ancient sea salt, brewers’s yeast, and spiraling to help stimulate circulation and invigorate skin tissue.
Cannot perform treatment if allergic to seafood or iodine. Seaweed Wrap, Champagne and Wine Wrap. | $90


Hot stones will help release toxins from the muscles, assisting the body in self-healing. In addition, tense muscles are also softened and eased by the heat of the stones. | $20

Cupping therapy is a great way to help with pain, inflammation, increase blood flow, increase relaxation and well-being, and is a great add on to a deep-tissue massage. | $10

CBD Nut Free Lite Oil
Rich moisturizing oil that absorbs quickly and gives the skin a healthy glow while providing pain relief to muscles sore from daily activities and stress. | $15

At your request: Any massage at least one hour in length will include warm towels which can be placed across your entire back and neck, creating a warmth that will relax and soothe you.

Couples Massage – Please call or inquire within Desiree’s Spa & Massage for more information.

Remember every massage is tailored to your needs no matter what type of massage it is, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you feel.

​For new clients please remember to arrive 15 minutes before scheduled service(s), Thank You.

Master-Massage-Therapist Prices are an additional $10.

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